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Prospective New Students Take Entrance Tests

26 September 2022 06:12
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STIT Mubo – After the first batch of new student admissions (PMB) closed on June 30 2020 for the regular pathway and July 17 2020 for the Madin teacher scholarship pathway, STIT Muhammadiyah Bojonegoro conducted an entrance selection test for batch I on Saturday (27/7) this morning.

Around 88 prospective new students took the test in person at the STIT Muhammadiyah Bojonegoro campus. The implementation of the test that was carried out in person still followed the health protocol, namely wearing a mask, washing hands and checking body temperature.

The selection test was divided into 2 classes, namely the class for the regular route and the class for the madin teacher scholarship route. Arif Susanto, chairman of PMB said that technical

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